Uniting Two Musical Worlds - Words with Cameron Argon

You got EDM in my heavy metal! You got heavy metal in my EDM! Such is the life and times of Cameron Argon, musician and producer at large known commonly by the names Big Chocolate and Disfiguring the Goddess. Combining the heretofore unblended elements of dubstep and death metal, Argon is one of the few who can walk in both worlds. With Disfiguring the Goddess' new release on the horizon, we sat down to talk about his music, his inspirations, the debate on drum triggering and more
M. DREW: Your career arc is an interesting one...you began in heavy metal, but have now split your portfolio into two parts, heavy metal and EDM/dubstep. How did that happen?
CAMERON ARGON: Yes! I don't know! Was asked to remix a few metal bands... Started looking into drum and bass and dubstep for inspiration for these metal remixes.... and then POOF! Now I have a split career. [laughs]

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