Dante's Inferno

“Jigoku” is both an incredible and truly bizarre film. The director of the movie, Nobuo Nakagawa, made 97 films over the course of his career, which is an ungodly large number by American standards (only two other of his films are easily available in the States, i.e. "The Ghost Story of Yotsuya" and "Snake Woman’s Curse"). If you think of a current director like Quentin Tarantino maybe making one movie every four years, many Japanese directors at the time, were making four or more movies every single year.

"Tell me, weird computer nerd who makes a crap load more money then I do, how do you make hell look so cool?" Just one of many questions you can ask the creators of the video game "Dante's Inferno" today at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST on a live web stream.

It's official: the planned "Zombieland" sequel will be brought to you in 3D.

We've read a lot about the upcoming "Dante's Inferno" game coming from EA and Visceral Games. Mark your calendars because the official playable demo will be coming to your Playstation 3 on December 10th and the Xbox 360 on December 24th.

For a bit of a change up from the typical video game to movie setup, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" director Keith Arem will be writing and directing the new contagion survival pic, "Frost Road".

A bit of sad news this morning with the news that legendary Spanish horror maestro Paul Naschy has passed away at the age of 75. With nearly 100 horror films to his credit, Naschy is a staple in Spanish and Euro horror.

Since its cryptic unveiling in December, EA's action title (very) loosely based on the Inferno portion of The Divine Comedy has had gamers and literature nerds alike intrigued.