creepy kids

The monstrous child may be one of the more persistent horror tropes of the passed 10 years. Though remakes and all sorts of paranormal/possession narratives run the day them kids are still savage.

Tweeting is all the rage with the kids these days! At least that's what I'm reading on the MyBlogs and whatnot. So I thought I'd breakdown how I would LiveTweet the new Sinister 2 trailer which just hit the tubes.

Aliens be rearranging stuff in your house, son. Watch out!

If you like weird 80's horror movies involving creepy kids, then "The Pit" will be right up your alley. Jamie is an awkward 12 year old boy who is neglected by his parents and bullied by his peers.

The whole crew gets together to discuss the epic shenanigans witnessed during our recent screenings of "The Unborn".