Midway through Ciaran Foy's “hoodie horror” film I had to pause the film in order to catch my breath and stretch my legs. Citadel had the rare effect of unnerving me to my core. You would think that watching hundreds of genre movies a year and knowing a bit about how the sausage gets made would inure me from such occurrences but there I was, remote in one hand while the other wiped off the cold sweat that had broken out .

What did I learn over the course of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Cinema Hooligante Program? Five things specifically:

The Milwaukee Film Festival is celebrating its 3rd year with a new extended run beginning Thursday, September 27th and concluding on Thursday, October 11th. The festival will screen over 200 films from all over the globe in venues including the legendary Oriental Theatre, the Downer Theatre, and the Fox-Bay Cinema Grill. Panels, a keynote address by film critic J. Hoberman, live music performances, and post screening conversations are but a taste of what the fest has to offer.