"AAA: El Videojuego", Best News I've Heard all Day

For whatever reason, I haven't bought a non-XBLA game in months. It could be the fact that it's the summer (yeah right), but it's more likely the fact that nothing has particularly tickled my fancy of late. Apparently, someone was listening to my fanboy longings, as the virtually unknown publisher Slang has announced and demoed "AAA: El Videojuego," a wrestling game based on the popular lucha libre promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), which houses many familiar faces from the lucha bouts on WCW Monday Nitro in the 90's, and more recently, TNA.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of the game are being developed with the Unreal Engine 3 by Immersion Software, with offices in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Bogota, Colombia. An Immersion representative today confirmed for GameSpot that the game should arrive on both those platforms in late 2009 or early 2010, with launches targeted for Latin America and the United States. Argentine developer Sabarasa Studios is handling development on the Wii, PSP, and DS editions of the game, with those editions set to trail Immersion's efforts to retail.

As someone who has both El Santo and Blue Demon tattoos, it's safe to say that I needed a fresh change of underthings after watching that trailer, and not because of the homoerotic sweaty closeups. The vague release date is kind of disconcerting, but after the disappointment of the most recent WWE and TNA games, I'm ready to get back to playing a fun wrestling game, and the lucha aspect just sweetens the deal. Here's to hoping they put a mask editor in there too, because I'm just waiting to bring my dream luchador, "Macho Borracho" to life.

AAA Lucha Libre headed for US


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