XBOX Live Netflix Movie Parties Coming Soon!

The New Xbox Experience (NXE) was shipped with the promise of all of these amazing features, many of which were sadly absent from the first iteration. Although there are many more to come, a lot of these features will be popping up for "selected users" next week, including the one I'm most excited about, Movie Parties on Netflix! XBOX Live veterans are already familiar with the party system that allows you and your friends to have a single chat room while you're gaming, but with this update, you will be able to apply the same concept to watching movies on Netflix. You can even "flirt" and have popcorn battles during your movie watching experience, which sounds cute but will likely be infuriating. Unfortunately, there's a limit of 8 people in a given movie party, but that's no different from the limit imposed on regular, boring XBOX live parties.

Also included in the update will be Games on Demand, which allows you to purchase and download full games, the Avatar Marketplace, which will allow you to download liscensed clothing for Microsoft Points (aka real cash), among other various functionality and usability improvements throughout the dashboard.

If you want to get in on the eventual XBOX 360 Netflix Movie Party action, you should definitely sign up for Netflix through Bloody Good Horror, and help keep our black heart beating. See you at the movies!

Xbox Live Update: Games On Demand, Netflix Movie Party & More


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