Trailer: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This President's Day, we celebrate our forefathers and their great achievements in American History. One of those great men deserving of our remembrance is none other than Abraham Lincoln; a man who was many things: A lawyer. A leader. An Emancipator. A Vampire Hunter.

Hold on - what?

Yes, a vampire hunter. It's no more ridiculous than anything else in politics. Defender of the Free World, Savior of the Living world!

If you haven't heard of or read the book from the creator of Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, it narrates the events of Lincoln’s life, from his boyhood up through his assassination, in a supernatural light. His mother, killed by a vampire, fuels Lincoln's need to eradicate the creatures of the night. He kills first with an axe, then with his gift of a golden tongue and political ambition to end the reign of plantation owners who are in league with the undead!

Now don't get your panties in a bunch - no one is making light of slavery or Lincoln's accomplishments. Despite the silly subject matter, it's quite an enjoyable read, and while your Connoisseur of Crap was looking for something silly and sophomoric, I found a tale with interesting perspective that manages to weave fiction within history that moves at a swift pace.

And for those of you that hate books and their silly words, it's soon be be available in the moving picture form!

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