This Simon Oakes interview proves that the new Hammer is swinging for the fences

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Hammer exec Simon Oakes talks briefly of what is in store for the new Hammer films. While there are no real details to speak of, it's pretty exciting to see that the studio has quite a few projects in the works.

We knew of the recent announcement of "Gaslight" already, but there are at least four other projects being talked about in the interview. Among them are an all new "Dracula" film set in contemporary London and a new "Frankenstein" flick as well. These are Hammer's bread and butter, so as a fan; I can't help but get excited! Also mentioned in the article are a poltergeist film in early pre-production called "The Quiet Ones" as well as a series based on Cheri Priest's steampunk themed "Boneshaker" novels!

All in all, things are looking great for Hammer!

As a brief aside, I'm starting the grass roots campaign to turn Daniel Radcliffe into the Peter Cushing of the new era of Hammer! There's a new "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" in the works? I for one think Radcliffe would be a great Van Helsing or Frankenstein, or both! (Frankenstein the doctor sillies, not the monster.)


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