"The Final Destination" Trailer is Straightforward

If you listen to the podcast, you should know that I've been salivating over "The Final Destination" (formerly "Final Destination 4/3D/Death Trip/etc."), hailing it as the perfect horror film for 3D. Now that the theaterical trailer has dropped, I can't say that I've changed my mind.

Hopefully whoever came up with "death saved the best...for 3D" received a fat raise because that's a hell of a tag line. The trailer seems to give away most of the deaths, but the 3D teases were enough to hold my attention, although NASCAR fans might find this one a little too close to home. My brother is getting married the weekend this is released (August 28th), but I might send a blow up doll in a tux in my place so I can be the first person to reach "The Final Destination."


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