year in review

All work and no play makes Schnaars a dull boy. 

By now, you all know the rules, but here’s a one phrase recap: New studio records only. Also, like a classic Spinal Tap joke, I went to eleven this year. What can I say, I couldn’t narrow it down farther from that. It happens. Let’s get started.

First off, I really don’t have a ‘Little Band That Could’ award to give out this year, though I am coming around on Bronze Honey. I just haven’t had a chance to really dig into it and see what I think. So hold that thought, you may see something more in January.

M. DREW: Addressing Wizard first, I had never before considered the possibility that glam existed as anything other than meaningless party rock. The revelation that glam was part of a quasi-realist take on the Cold War, an effective 'we're gonna get blown up, so we should have sexy parties now!' changes the entire nature of how I view the genre, and also how grunge could ascend thereafter. It makes entirely too much sense that the hubris of glam would have been a cover for the ever-present fear of nuclear annihilation.

M. DREW: I'm still not entirely sure what to make of 2013 as it winds down, except to say that I think it was an excellent year for metal overall. Yet, the complication arises in that I can't pinpoint one single facet that was better or worse than the others. As I look back at the albums we covered (and the ones we didn't,) I feel like the metal offering this year was a mile wide and an inch deep. Even as I contemplate my own top ten (-ish) albums of the year, I find that they were produced by at least four or five different splinter genres.

Cabin in the Woods - The Best of 2012

For the third year in a row, the editorial team here at Bloody Good Horror has put their brains together to define the best in horror for the year. In 2012, we tried something different, with each writer submitting a ballot, which then became a ranked order of their votes. These votes were calculated (1st = 10pts, 10th = 1pt) and the films were ordered in terms of points earned. With each film you'll see how many total votes it received, as well as how many points it earned. There were 12 total voters, so a perfect score would be 120.

Now that I'm an old man I find I have less and less time to check out new bands. Luckily this year though a lot of bands I've been a fan of for a long time put out new albums. Of my top 10 there's only one band on this list that I had never owned an album from before. Try to guess which one it is. Let's make a game out of it.

The Top 10

10. Unsane - "Wreck"

The Loved Ones

BGH's editor in chief offers the final take on the best and worst of 2012.

The Best

1. Cabin in the Woods - Nothing else even comes close to "Cabin in the Woods" on this year's list. Whedon deftly deconstructs the genre while simultaneously reveling in its tropes, the mark of a truly great satire. The only exception? Don't try showing this movie to a non-horror fan, the stares of confusion will bum you out. This one is strictly for us weirdos.


The Best

10. Prometheus - Probably the movie that disappointed me the most in 2012. Scott created a gorgeous, sweeping sci-fi vision, but got tripped up by some questionable scripting. Damn near a classic, but instead a hugely flawed and entertaining film.

Joe gets honest, then drops some knowledge -- or at least some dirty jokes -- about the best and worst of 2012.


Moving into the 2012 countdown homestretch, Casey offers up one of the crew's final 10-packs.

The Best

1. The Cabin in the Woods - What can I say? This was the most fun I had in the movie theater this year, plain and simple. A great horror homage.