Stalin Vs Martians!

When I was a kid I use to sit and think about what would happen if some of my heroes battled it out for world domination. A few years back I got the answer when “Freddy Vs. Jason” came out. But now the question that has been on everyone's mind since the dawn of the cold war will finally be answered. What would happen if Stalin had to battle aliens? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the first release by independent publishing label Mezmer Games, “Stalin vs. Martians”.

The game itself is a real time strategy, think the original Warcraft but with more of an arcade style. What this means is you get more of a straight forward “go out and kill” crap game rather then in depth war strategy. For people with little to no attention span like me this is a big plus. Mezmer has also added a lot of new elements to your average RTS game.

“The main ideology behind Stalin vs. Martians is to have some fun. Our game is unique. Trashy and absolutely over-the-top, arthouse kitsch production in its finest.”

They’ve thrown in things like power-ups and coin collection to the game in order to make it stand out from your average RTS.

But really the big draw of this game is the story. Aliens land in 1942 Russia and start blowing crap to hell. Stalin takes the “Anti-ET” military operation under his wing and you pretty much spend the game building up your forces and getting all Will Smith on the aliens. What kid hasn’t wanted to travel back in time and drop themselves right in the middle of Russia right at the height of 3 hour bread lines? To take all that fun and then throw aliens in the mix, that's genius my friends.

Mezmer has also put some serious effort into their online campaign for this. You can check out a couple of the videos they’ve produced for this game below. I have no idea who ANJ is and to be honest the song is pretty awful but the video they made for it is great. Who doesn’t love strippers doing manual labor?

The game is set to come out sometime next month for the PC and hopefully will make its way to other platforms. According to their site “Stalin vs. Martians is probably the best real-time strategy title of the year”. Of course I haven't played any others this year so there isn’t much to live up to. But still I’m looking forward to this one. After all the game, much like my senior prom, was inspired by "vodka, samovar, borscht and pirogi".

Terrible song, awesome video

Shake ya ass Stalin!


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