Selfish Needy Creatures' lead singer Vegas talks horror!

Born and bred from the untamed, wild regions of New York, metal up-and-comer Selfish Needy Creatures don't really care if you want to kiss them or kill them. Just so long as you listen. They'll be out again on the road in a few short weeks, but before that tour is scheduled to start, singer/lunatic Vegas Nacy took some time to talk horror movies with me. Take it away, Vegas!

Although I might be leaving out a couple movies, here are my favorite horror movies! I am a huge fan of everything from the 70's and horror movies are no exception:


- "The Tall Man," a creepy grave robber takes on a kid and his group of friends - he has cool weapons and great hair!!


- Zombies run feral in Philly and want the brains of a small group in a shopping mall (sounds like any given day in upstate N.Y.!)



- The creepiest part of this movie was, as a kid that lived not too far from the original house, I went there before the movie came out, and the movie just freaked me out!! The acting was killer in this for the 70's!!


- Man, Rob Zombie's awesome - writes great songs, and makes sick movies! He actually creates characters so cool, you want to be them!!! Not a gore flick, not a special effects flick, just a really good story with some dark humor and torture!!


- Again, another 70's flick! This is based on a true story of a serial killer in the 40's terrorizing a town in Arkansas - he wears this corn sack over his head, never speaks and gets unique in his killings!


- Spend a winter in the depths of upstate NY and you will wind up like Jack Nicholson in this crazy movie! Well done and puts you on the edge of your seat till the very end.


- It's not that this movie was well written, its actually kinda silly, but damn kids turning into little killers in a cornfield is creepy as shit! There are some really freaky scenes in this 80's classic!


- Now this movie freaks me out every time i see it! The king of vampires moves to a small New England town and when a vampire gets loose and starts spreading the "disease" even kids aren't safe!! - check this movie out!


- I know this one is always on everyone's list, and that should tell you something! There are some of the most classic lines ever in a horror flick, and they are from the mouth of a 10 year old girl - getting f@#ked with a cross and spinning heads... reminds me of a night on my second tour in Bangkok...


- This 70's cult classic features the most brutal rape scene ever put on film - very disturbing, but what this chick does to the group of guys that raped her is killer! Find this movie, and watch it now!!!!

So there it is! Thanks to Vegas for taking the time, and thanks to all who had a hand in making this happen. If you have a moment, swing on by Selfish Needy Creatures' assorted website/social media and see the latest news and music.

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