Redband "Zombieland" Trailer

I think I have found my most anticipated film of the year and it has a lot to do with Woody Harrelson, a wiley cowboy type with a chainsaw, the backup cast that sports that awkward kid from "Adventureland", and two kickass bitches with hearts of gold, one of which you will recognize from "Little Miss Sunshine".

Not being a fan of zombie movies that take themselves too seriously, this looks like it’s right up my alley with references to "Deliverance", zombie heads being run over and making that great squishing noise, and a zombie stripper running in tassels (okay, that one is more for the dudes).

I'm not sure if it is intended to look like an American version of "Shaun of the Dead," a film liked equally by genre fans and normal people alike, but I'll buy it. Watch for "Zombieland" October 9th.