Redband Trailer For The "It's Alive" Remake

I wasn't even born yet when the original "It's Alive" came out but when I finally saw it the film taught me one thing, never ever EVER have a baby. They will kill you. They won't even wait until they grow up to do it. Nope, a newborn child will come out of the womb and go straight into slasher mode. Fear the children, people.

So now that I am in my thirties, married and just about ready to start reproducing a remake comes along to drive the message home once again. Thanks, guys. The story has been updated but for the most part the plot remains the same. A demon baby is born with spiky teeth and razor sharp claws that goes on a killing spree. For you loyalists this go round is actually co-written by Larry Cohen who wrote and directed the third installment in the original series, "It's Alive III: Island of the Alive". And it's got Bijou Phillips!

You can check out the newly released redband trailer below and take in all the pro-contraceptive madness on October 6th when "It's Alive" comes to DVD.


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