Producers: Remakes are Easy Money

We all know that the reason why our cinemas have been jammed with remakes for the last decade is money, but that doesn't change the fact that hearing it straight from the Producer's mouths makes the vein in my forehead explode. A recent article over at Yahoo Movies cuts straight to the chance, and confirms your worst fears:

"If you're trying to get a movie made now, you can push the rock up a mountain or you can push it on flat ground," said one studio-based producer, explaining the rationale for remake mania. "And most of us would rather push it on flat ground."

So that's what it comes down to. Not even necessarily money, but the fact that you have to fight less to get a remake produced. This indicates a top-down problem with Hollywood, and highlights the intellectual and creative bankruptcy that we've been complaining about for years. The article's a great read but here's another gem I decided to pull out:

Underlying these reasons, it's the recession and, by extension, nervousness that's driving the trend. With fewer projects on tap, studio executives would rather go with safer bets -- and a remake is perceived as safer, even if the movie turns out to be less than a sure thing at the box office.

All of this brings up the question... even if we, as the "hardcore" horror audience, decided tomorrow to boycott all remakes, would it make a difference? I genuinely wonder how large our numbers are, and even if we could all organize against remakes, if it would make any difference. Lately on the site and the podcast I've taken a conciliatory tone, but that doesn't mean stuff like this doesn't rub me the wrong way.

And in case that didn't fire you up enough, here's an article on how investors want Pixar to make dumber movies so they can sell more toys. Ain't capitalism grand?

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