Netflix Streaming Friday: "Tremors"

Let's be honest, if you have to read this because you've never seen "Tremors", there's something pretty substantially wrong in your life. You've missed out on one of life's greatest pleasures, Kevin Bacon's highest career watermark (the low: the invisible CGI schlong in "Hallow Man") and the best character named Bert this side of Sesame Street. Oh, and some giant man-eating worms named "Graboids".

No matter who I talke to, everyone seems to love this movie. Most of my co-workers ask me how I can review films such as "Sharktopus", "Mourning Wood" and "Hide and Go Kill" on a weekly basis. But they all love "Tremors". It's one of those rare films that has just enough cheese to still appeal to hardcore horror fans looking for a cheesy schlockfest, but not enough to turn away casual viewers looking to get their Kevin Bacon on.

I promise you that I'll never use that phrase again.

It's a long weekend, you have no excuse. Find an hour and a half and give "Tremors" a whirl if you haven't seen it. You can thank me later.



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