Megan Fox in Fake PSA for "Jennifer's Body"

You can’t have a film with just a trailer these days. Nope you need all kinds of viral shit that will get splatter all over the youtubes and your facebooks so that you live in constant fear that everything you read is actually just some clever advertisement for the next Harrison Ford film. The upcoming Diablo Cody film “Jennifer’s Body” is no different, but it’s viral video does have Megan Fox... And she says “fuck" in it. Which is kind of hot.

In the fake PSA Fox, who I’m surprised to find can actually talk, explains the trouble that faces today's teens growing up in modern American High Schools. Then the hilarity begins! Take a look at the video below and enjoy. Give it a second viewing with the volume muted and see if you like it any better, I bet you will.

“Jennifer’s Body” hits theaters on September 18th.


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