Mario & Link "Put it on a Hook"

Will this nostalgia for our childhood's never end? I'm guessing no, since that would require actually growing up. Still, as the constant referencing to old forms of media continues, one has to grow weary of it after a while. If there's one thing that I will always be a sucker for though, it's pretty much anything having to do with that old 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

That nostalgia (and presumably a lot of weed) is the inspiration for the latest video from rap group iNHUMANS, for their new song "Put it on a Hook". And let me tell you, it's fantastic, although it does feature some slightly NSFW language. Just keep your speakers low and no one will know it's your cubicle that's spewing out "put it on a hook, bitch!". If you want more from iNHUMANS, you can check out their Myspace.

Megaman and Link go fishing with Mario in this hilarious hip hop video by the up and coming band Inhumans. A beer drinking, drug smoking, mushroom eating 8-bit nintendo animation using photoshop and final cut pro.

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