Lost "Nightbreed" Footage is Just out of Reach

It's long been known that Clive Barker was ham stringed by his studio when helming the big screen adaptation of his story "Night Breed." Forced to cut nearly 25 minutes of footage from the final release, there has been much demand in the world of fandom for a director's cut.

Sadly, for nearly 20 years now Barker's response has been "I hope so, but we don't know where the footage is." According to the folks over at the long running Clive Barker fansite CliveBarker.info, this lost footage is no longer lost.

A fan and associate of Barker's, Mark Miller, decided it was time to track down the lost 25 minutes of "Nightbreed," and armed with only a few phone numbers, he set out to do just that. On the first try, he was connected with a production assistant that said he could access the footage at any time. The problem is, the studio executives don't see the movie as profitable, and therefore not worth the extra effort.

Shortly after, one of said higher ups was gracious enough to give me a moment of his time. I was shocked when he told me there wasn't a big enough audience for the film and that the answer to my request must be no.
'Not even worth the cost to upgrade to Blu-ray,' he said.

So, for the fans of "Nightbreed", that leaves nothing but a case of blue balls over found footage yet the possibility of never seeing it. The folks at Clive Barker.info aren't giving up without a fight though. Using the power of the internet and a strong and loyal fan following, they hope to show the film studio that the idea of a "Nightbreed" director's cut is indeed profitable.

If you're a fan of the movie and wish to see that director's cut, now is your chance to show your support. Head over to Clive Barker.info and follow the instructions on how you can lend a hand to the army of support.


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