"Jennifer's Body" Red Band Trailer

Much buzz and speculation has been floating around the Megan Fox starring horror thriller "Jennifer's Body". Written by hipster allstar and "Juno" scribe Diablo Cody, no one has been sure what to make of her penning an original horror flick.

Today, the official red band trailer has hit the internet and here it is for you're enjoyment!

For myself, the trailer seems to have plenty of 80's horror sensibilities and does away with Cody's trademark hipster slang dialog. While we all know that Megan Fox is fun to look it, it will be nice to see if she can act well enough to carry a flick for a change. Judging from what we see in the trailer, I'd say she does alright!

"Jennifer's Body" has a tentative release date of September 18th and is directed by Karyn Kusama, helmer of the 2005 action flop "Aeon Flux".

As always, be sure to leave your take on the trailer in the comments below!


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