Heavy Metal News Updates!

- The big news of the week, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie are not only touring together, but they've posted dates! Which are...sparse...to say the least. A handful of Mid- and West-Canadian dates, topped off with two in the booming metropolises (metropoli? metropolies? metropoliseses? What's the plural of metropolis?) of Kennewick, Washington and Casper, Wyoming. Let's hope this is a warm up for a bigger tour, perhaps around Halloween.

- Fear Factory also just announced their tour dates, so heads up to fans on the west coast and in the southwestern US.

- This was big news towards the end of last week, but I had to say something. Soundgarden to headline Lollapalooza with Green Day and Lady Gaga. I honestly haven't really wrapped my head around this yet. I know the festival/former tour prides itself on bringing together musicians that don't always gel (see: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Jane's Addiction/Ice Cube,) but that's a decently far reach to go out and have "Poker Face" play the same stage as "Rusty Cage."

- Uriah Heap has a new album coming out. Wow. I didn't think anyone except my Dad cared about Uriah Heap. And he had them on 8-track.

- I'm sure you've heard this, but Scott Weiland's wife has a book out. Can't say I'm particularly moved. Anyone read it? It is readable?

- Dio is releasing a limited number (around 1,500) of the "Tournado" Box Set that was originally supposed to coincide with his canceled 2009 tour. Retails for about $45 through Dio's website. Good side is that they're all numbered and autographed. Bad side is that the DVD is in PAL format, so us Americans are just about out of luck on that end.

- Seattle-based The Flood is joining up at the end of the month with veterans Sevendust and Drowning Pool for a mostly west coast tour following their appearance on the Saw tour, and the Saw VI soundtrack. They've also released a digital-only EP that's currently available on iTunes.

- How about that USA hockey team? They might have a shot at this thing yet.

Live Loud.


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