Gameplay Footage of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Yes, your Ghoul of Gaming has another tidbit for you! If you played Dead Rising 2, you'll know it's a nifty zombie survival game; a completely open world full of different choices and endings. While I didn't think it was as good as the first one, I did enjoy it. Hell, how can you NOT enjoy making custom weapons like the Broom Katana, Bucket 'O Drills, Beer Hat, & the Super BFG, to name a few. The mass slaughtering of literally THOUSANDS of zombies is so satisfying, and never gets old. Hell, that could be the entire game, and I would be perfectly content with it.

Off The Record is a is an alternate-history spin on Dead Rising 2 in which players relive the events of Dead Rising 2, but instead of Frank West being an aging minor Risk It All celebrity athlete, Frank West covers the Fortune City outbreak as a reporter, instead of Chuck Greene.

After surviving the outbreak that occurred in Dead Rising, Frank West quickly became a bit of a celebrity. After authoring a successful book, he is given his own talk show, but soon wastes his opportunities and money as his fifteen minutes of fame expire. In hopes to regain a place in the spotlight, he accepts an offer from Tyrone King to appear as a special guest on Terror is Reality.

At the beginning of the event, West, wearing a wrestling outfit, is lifted via platform to the center of a ring surrounded by a chain-link fence. Joining him in the ring is a group of zombies in which he must defeat as many as possible within a certain time limit. Upon winning the event, West feels that he has lost his dignity and decides to take his prize money and get out of town. As he is leaving, he overhears TK and Brandon Whittaker discussing plans. With his trusty camera around his neck, West watches from a nearby scaffolding as men exchange mysterious packages.

When West is caught eavesdropping, the men attack him. He fights them off, but soon the zombies get loose, beginning the infection of Fortune City and forcing West to once again fight for his life.

In this version the Terror is Reality show has been removed to make way for the new
Sandbox Mode. And in case you didn't pick up on it from the description, the camera feature from the first Dead Rising is back! I loved that feature, and was a tad disappointed it wasn't in sequel.

Take a look at the game play footage. DR2: Off The Record will be available as a full stand alone game this month for the PC, XBox360 and Playstation 3.

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