We're back once again with part III of my Let's Play of Shadowgate!  In this episode, we're journeying into parts unknown, so everything's new and exciting.  We find our way to the inner courtyard, encounter some beasties, and unlock even more story!

Who doesn't love a good mirror scare? It's a staple of horror movies, like people tripping while running in the woods or girls with large implants getting naked. If there's a mirror somewhere you know it's going to happen yet there's still a 99% chance you'll get scared. Pansy.

The Youtube Screening Room usually contains some pretty neat stuff, but this week, thanks to the vaguely anticipated horror movie, "Orphan", they are showing 4 horror/suspense films.

We've often wondered around these parts whether "Saw" was going to be this generation's "Friday the 13th," and in the discussion mentioned the iconic nature of the Jigsaw character.