the japanese have issues

DeathTube: Broadcast Murder Show (X Game) (REVIEW)

What the fuck is wrong with Japan? For years, scholars have tried to determine what exactly has caused the entire island nation to be so strange and bizarre. What could lead grown, adult women to idolize a cartoon cat? What drives a brilliant engineer to dedicate his life to designing sex robots? And seriously, what’s up with the game shows? Much like the many who came before me, I have no clue. All I know is that there’s some seriously strange shit going on over there.

Japanese Bug Fights are Shockingly Entertaining

I knew a guy that had a pet scorpion once. I think I asked him "what the fuck is wrong with you?" every time I saw him. I guess I didn't see the point in owning a creature that could sting the living shit out of you at any moment whether or not the venom was removed. Now that I've seen Japanese Bug Fights, I think I'm starting to get the picture.

"Samurai Princess" Trailer!

Twitch got a look at the trailer for "Samurai Princess" today, the latest from the writer of "Tokyo Gore Police".

From Kengo Kaji the writer of Tokyo Gore Police, comes Samurai Princess! The story takes place sometime, somewhere in a world during the Samurai era, where people live together with highly developed mechanical dolls. However, excessively developed mechanical dolls start causing harm to the human society, leading to ghastly bloodshed happening all over the place.

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