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Cinema Hooligante Brings Blood, Bodily Fluids, & Late Night Frivolities to the Milwaukee Film Festival

If I’ve learned anything about living in Milwaukee its that the city loves movies, especially those weird, gross sort of flicks that get you riled up. A number of the city’s theaters have a storied history of running late night movies including the longest continuously running “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” screening. They’ve also got fantastic cheese, they love biking and “happy hour” is really called “after work until bed”. Don’t hassle me I’m local.

Madness Reigns in the Cream City: Cinema Hooligante returns to the Milwaukee Film Festival

The Milwaukee Film Festival enters its 5th year of hosting an absolute buffet of culture to the denizens of its eponymous metropolis (suck on that people of Golden Corral, Delaware!). Upwards of 200 internationally produced films spanning a century’s worth of cinema will screen over the course of 15 days beginning this Thursday (9/26) and concluding on Thursday, October 10th.

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