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Red Hill (REVIEW)

Shane Cooper and his young wife have moved to a small outpost in rural Australia in hopes that the peaceful surroundings will help with a high-risk pregnancy. For the new constable, there seem to be few places more peaceful than Red Hill -- a dwindling town of proud, old-school ranchers. The town's sheriff -- or inspector, rather, as this is Australia -- Old Bill, runs a tight ship, positioning himself more like a stern father than an autocratic dictator. Under normal circumstances, Old Bill likely could have granted Shane Cooper's wish for peace and tranquility.

Official Trailer for JT Petty's "The Burrowers"

Rest assured that JT Petty is a name you will be hearing in the horror genre for some time to come. He busted out with a really great short film "Soft For Digging" a few years back, and has slowly been working his way on to bigger and bigger projects. "The Burrowers" is one he both wrote and directed, so this project is 100% his. The DVD will be released in a few weeks here, and Todd will have a review for us all tomorrow. In the meantime, you can wet your palette with the synopsis and trailer below.

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