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Horror Shorts: "Sunday Best"

There's a new horror short making it's way around the festival circuit and judging by the trailer, it looks pretty darn creepy. Clive Tonge is the director of "Sunday Best", a horror short filmed on just a 750 dollar budget and starring Bill Fellows (Downton Abbey, The Tournament), Andrew Squires and Valerie Shields. Here's the official synopsis:

2011 Drunken Zombie Film Festival

Our friends over at Drunken Zombie will be hosting the 2011 Drunken Zombie Film Festival November 4th and 5th in Peoria, IL. This is the fourth year of the festival and this year is the biggest yet. They will be screening 9 feature films and 13 short films in every horror sub-genre imaginable, so there's sure to be something for everyone. Not only will they be having some great independent horror films, but there will also be an expanded concessions menu, merch vendors and giveaways.

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