christian horror

There is a reason that we do "Real People News" on the site everyday. There are things that exist in this world that are so bizarre and obscene that even the most creative writer couldn't do them justice. "The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson" is one of those things.

“Demon Warriors” or “Opapatika” may be the most elaborate suicide prevention film ever made. It also is easily the most entertaining in that category as well. All apologies to those big “Permanent Record” fans out there, but a young gormless Keanu just isn’t as much fun as tormented Thai demons popping the heads off of soldiers. On the other hand, “Permanent Record” doesn’t carry forth a clunky message of faith, nor does it ever risk losing the viewer in the coils of its allegory.

Jack and Stephanie are on their way to Montgomery for a counseling appointment to help them recover from the loss of their little girl. On their way there they are waylaid by a car accident and forced to shelter at The Wayside Inn, a creepy old mansion in the Alabama backwoods. Leslie and Randy are an unmarried couple who are also calling the Wayside home for the night. But by the end of this night there may be no one alive to tell the tale; because the Wayside Inn is no ordinary house.