Boos and Brews: Day 2 - Evan and Mike

We all have that one movie we have to watch around the Halloween season, and what better way to enjoy that film than with a nice frothy beer? Boos and Brews chronicles the BGH crew's favorite Halloween-time movies, paired with a delicious beer. Drink up!


Boo: Halloween (1978) - Director: John Carpenter

EVAN: I love this! My favorite movie/the one(s) I watch every year on Halloween is "Halloween" (haha). I watch the original first one and the original sequel in a row on the night of so it feels like it's actually happening! Nothing says Halloween like Michael Myers, am I right?

Brew: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

JOE: Sometimes the most obvious choice can be downright magical so for this one I’ve picked Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale. This beer pretty much started the hopped up beer movement in America and still holds up. Many years ago I was at a wedding and ran into a buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen since the 5th grade. At the time I had just gotten into craft beer and was pretty annoying about it. My buddy and I went up to the bar to get beers and both ended up getting a bottle of pale ale and asked for glasses because we didn’t want to drink out of the bottle. For those of you playing at home, when you drink a beer out of the bottle you don’t get any of the aroma from the beer and you end up not getting the full flavor that the brewers worked so very hard on. Anyway, we immediately discovered that we were both homebrewers and ended up spending the weekend in an uncomfortable bromance that his wife still hasn’t gotten over.


Boo - Session 9 (2001) - Director: Brad Anderson

MIKE: I love this partly because it was shot in my backyard at the now torn down Danvers mental institute.  Anderson makes wonderful use of the naturally creepy setting. Even though it's not a Halloween-centric film, it just feels like the kind of modern gothic tale that fits so well with the holiday. It features a terrific ensemble cast that play perfectly off one another and the end is open to speculation that can be argued so many different ways.

Brew: Blithering Idiot - Weyerbacher Brewing Company

JOE: I ended up watching this flick after the fellas on the podcast reviewed it for the show. I know, it’s hard to think of a time before I was on the podcast and most of us try to block it out, but I guess there were some enjoyable episodes here and there. To me the biggest character in this movie is the mental hospital it takes place in. It’s creepy as hell and I reminds me of a similar abandon hospital in my own home town. I picked Blithering Idiot from Easton Pennsylvania’s own Weyerbacher Brewing Company to go with this one. It’s a barleywine so it’s pretty high in alcohol, and if you drink a few of these and you’ll probably start to see things walking around your house too. Oh and it’s also mighty tasty, with toffee, dates and cherries all coming to the party, masking that fact that you’re downing an 11% ABV beer.


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