"Blood Creek" Coming To DVD Janruary 19th

Let this be a lesson to everyone, never ever accept a foreign exchange student from the Third Reich. Granted it’s been over seventy years since their fall so you probably don’t have anything to worry about but if you happen to get a letter in the mail looking to rent out your spare bedroom, just ignore it. You’ll thank me later.

The gang from the film “Blood Creek” would have thanked me too if they had thought ahead and asked me. But they didn’t and now there’s a weird Nazi supernatural burn victim out to get them. Hope you’re happy.

In 1936, the Wollners - a German family living in rural Town Creek, Maryland - are contacted by the Third Reich to host a visiting scholar, Professor Richard Wirth. In need of money, they accept Wirth into their home. Wirth's grand occult project seals the Wollners off from the rest of the world and makes them players in a horrifying game of survival. After 71 years, in 2007, Evan Marshall's life has stalled at twenty-five years old. Left without answers after his older brother Victor's disappearance from a camping trip near Town Creek, he has tried to move on. But when Victor returns one night, very much alive and having escaped his captors, Evan asks no questions - at his brother's request, he loads their rifles, packs up their boat and follows him back to Town Creek on a mission of revenge that will test them in every possible way...

“Blood Creek” saw a limited release back in September and comes to DVD on January 19th. You can check out the newly released trailer below.


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