"Aids is a Mass Murderer" and so is Hitler

To promote World AIDS Day, December 1, a German AIDS awareness group, regenbogen e.v., which translates to mean "Rainbow" has put together a racy ad to grab people's attention and scare people into wearing condoms.

The commerical depicts a couple engaging in some hot foreplay. The commerical is filmed in the same vein as any perfume ad with skantily clad people rolling around half naked, but towards the end it is revealed that this commerical is different, becuase the male patron is actually Hitler. "AIDS is a Mass Murderer" is then flashed up on screen soon afterwards.

Regenbogen's website also has 3 posters for their campaign, one depicting Hitler, the other Saddam Hussein, and the final one shows Stalin. You can find these posters, the commerical, and more information at their website: AIDS is a Mass Murderer



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