Trailer for promising no-budget "Patrol Men"

This movie's gotten a bit of press on very little info. From what I can piece together, it's a very low or 'zero-budget' British SF/Horror film that possibly came out this month - although what 'came out' means in this context I'm not sure. The trailer is totally disorienting in a great way. The film seems to hearken to 60's and 70's films that mixed the radical ideology of the time with genre madness.

Here's the summary from the film's FaceBook Page - scroll past for the trailer:

A remote Island, located just off the coast of the British Isles- population under five thousand. At first sight, ‘Peyton Island’ is the perfect setting for a quiet life. Unspoiled by the decadence of modern living, Peyton is guided by ‘old time’ values and a solid community spirit. However, when the sun goes down, ‘Peyton’ is a victim to the night. A strict curfew prohibits any residents from going out at night- the curfew was established by the Major and is enforced by the PATROL MEN.

Enter Jess, a fifteen year old male with a strong intellect and a rebellious nature to match. Jess has recently moved to Peyton from the ‘mainland’ and the authoritative nature of the Island is not to his taste. However, he is calmed by Alex, a sweet natured teen, with an innocence and naivety that Jess respects. Alex has lived on the Island for her whole life and like all of the other residents, she doesn’t question the curfew. However, after a small argument between the two, Jess is embroiled and decides to prove that “there is nothing to fear in the night”.

Jess disappears.

With a new found determination, Alex embarks on quest to find out where Jess has gone. The quest leads her deep in the darkest depths of the island, encountering numerous characters along the way including an angry, foul mouthed mechanic- a one hundred and fifty year old man- and a ruthless Mayor.

Alex rebels against the ideologies of everybody to uncover a web of deceit, corruption and ultimately, violence. Why fear the night? Who is Marcus Day? What are the Patrol Men? And, whatever happened to the Teenage Dream?



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