Trailer For Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones"

Two days ago, on 'the twitter', I was tweetin' about how there were no movies I was looking forward to seeing. Today (well, and admittedly yesterday: "Zombieland"), I found a movie that made my vagina, grow a boner.

"The Lovely Bones" will probably fall somewhere on the "Pan's Labyrinth" lily pad of the horror pond, but looks to have the color palette of the 1998 film "What Dreams May Come." Based on the Alice Sebold novel of the same title, the film tells the story of a girl who is murdered and then watches from heaven as her family struggles with the remorse of having lost her and the need for resolution.

With skinny Peter Jackson at the helm, I don't think that even Mark Wahlberg can screw this one up. Let's just say i'm jazzed, or perhaps jizzed. Expect this one in December.



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