Trailer: "Blood Runs Cold" (2011)

When the summer season comes to an end, I love to check out new horror flicks to mix into my Halloween season rotation of favorites. A possible candidate? The Swedish slasher flick "Blood Runs Cold". First time feature film director Sonny Laguna, brings us this ultra low budget slasher flick, which was shot for just $5,000 US. The plot is a typical slasher set up, having our main character, Winona, vacationing in a remote location just as a storm's a brewing. As usual, a killer is lurking nearby, waiting to chop her and her friends up with an axe. Although the plot is pretty basic, the trailer looks pretty decent, promising some interesting visuals and some fun gore scenes. "Blood Runs Cold" will be released on DVD on October 3rd.

Take a look:



I like horror movies. That is all.

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