The DVD Bargain Bin

A whole bunch of questionable to mid-range theatrical releases in this weeks' lineup... yay?

Most of us on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast were generally pleased with Ben Foster and Pandorum. Dennis Quaid gets to be a little much towards the end of the film, but other than that this is worth at least a rental.
Though Kate Beckinsale still looks like a lovely lady in a severe weather parka, her latest feature Whiteout manages to be a snoozer all the way around.
Nerds, soldiers and Gerard Butler all combine to give us this twist on futuristic warfare in Gamer. Whether or not the movie is any good I can't say, but I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that both video games and things exploding are pretty sweet!
Todd rather enjoyed this Joel Schumacher directed horror flick. If that's not enough, at least the poster and cover for Blood Creek look pretty amazing!
Everybody needs a little Frankenstein themed soft-core in their collection, right? If that's your 'thing', well good thing there's film makers out there that believe in the likes of Bikini Frankenstein.
What more can you ask for than a film featuring William Shatner facing off against hordes of migrating tarantulas in King of the Spiders? How about his character name 'Rack Hansen'?


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