Teaser Trailer: "Alone"

Most people are friends with us at BGH simply because we're so attractive, even the ugliest person looks good standing next to us. We can't help that. But we do call certain people our friends because of their amazing personalities and talent (like me, for example); one of those people being Rory, who's feature "Alone" is nearing completion. This has been a long labor of love for him (you can even read his production diaries 'I’ll Make This Movie If It Kills Me ' over at our pals' site, Drunken Zombie). The premise is quite original, and contains quite the creep factor:

Jonathan MacKinlay is a man trapped inside his home by his own mind. Suffering from agoraphobia, caused by a car accident that also took his wife's life, his existence has been reduced to a monotonous repetition of identical days. However, a home invasion shatters his safe haven and possibly his mind. Soon he finds that he might no longer be alone in the house. Something evil lurks in the darkness, preying on his fears and self-loathing. Is it real or just a figment of his imagination? He'll have to survive to find out.

'Alone' is still a work in progress, so if you enjoyed the teaser, would like to see some behind-the-scenes pictures or have some feedback, head on over to their Facebook page and leave your thoughts - I'm sure he would love to hear them.

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