classic horror

Written in 1910 by Algernon Blackwood, The Wendigo popularizes an evil creature of legend from the Algonquian people of Native American Indians. The wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit that can either possess humans or is the creature in which humans can transform.

Most of the country is frozen solid. I woke up Wednesday only to be greeted with at least an inch of ice over my balcony, a spun out moving van on the tree lawn and an inch of ice on the street below so thick that I could see if from my ninth floor apartment. And we got off lucky. It's nuts.

It's a nightmare... on OUR street! We dissect the latest horror remake.

This week we tackle the legend of Todd Browning's 1932 film "Freaks", and Louis Fowler stops by to take "Twilight" fans down a notch.

Basket Case puts a smile on our faces, and Mark makes us all uncomfortable with the Google report.

We discuss the events that led to us being horror fans, and do a recap of the first half of 08.

Argento's first two "Three Mothers" films have the crew split down the middle. Shocking.