Superbowl Trailer: "Cowboys vs Aliens"

Most of us at one point in our life have played Cowboys and Indians. Hell, just the other week, we played it at the office. But it was missing... something. Something to make it exciting. Indians are cool and all, and their burial grounds provide endless fodder for horror stories, but what if they were replaced with something a bit more bad ass..... LIKE ALIENS!!!!!

Cowboys versus Aliens? That sounds like the latest Direct to DVD special, doesn't it? Maybe. But what if I tell you it's from the makers of Iron Man, and has Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig? It's the perfect movie for couples! There's explosions, cowboys & aliens fighting for the men, and eye candy for the ladies! I know I know - I was instantly sold too. So check out this Super Bowl preview released early by the director Jon Favreau!

Now this all leads to the question: There's been a Ninja vs Cowboys movie. There's been a Ninja vs Aliens movie. Now there's a cowboy vs aliens movie. When's the 4 way cage match?

That Ghoul Eva


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