Rob Halford's Metal God Apparel

The website for Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford's new fashion company is up and running. Metal God Apparel is the name of the new collection (for lack of a better term) and is now taking presales to be shipped in June. The "sale" price of $45 seems a touch heavy, even if that is the going rate for designer t-shirts (although "designer t-shirt" is sort of a contradiction in terms, and I'm not sure Halford could yet lay claim to the title of "designer.")

There are a hundred jokes to be made about Rob Halford being the one to go into fashion, but I'm going to bypass all of them. I was skeptical when I first read about this, but I'll admit that some of the designs are pretty slick (I like the 'Savior' one particularly.) I will say this: with Halford going into fashion, it certainly starts with t-shirts, but could a line of motorcycle chaps or bomber jackets be far behind?

In other metal news, after weeks of me fretting over the apparent death of Fear Factory, news comes today that they're reformed! Well, sort of. Burton and Dino are back together (which is the important part, they haven't been the same since Dino's departure.) Byron Stroud remains at bass, and Gene Hoglan will be moved into the drums. Gone are Ray Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers. Since Wolbers was largely responsible for writing the somewhat mediocre "Transgression" album, I'm okay with that. So anyway, Burton and Dino, and I'm paraphrasing, couldn't remember what they were fighting about, and the band is back together, and a studio album is scheduled to be recorded this summer.

Meanwhile, Herrera and Wolbers' new band, Arkaea, is streaming part of their upcoming album off their website. So I took a listen. It's... uh.... yeah. It's something, that's what I'll say about it.

Live Loud.


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