Retro Trailer: "Ruby" (1977)

When I was growing up, I happened to catch the 1977 supernatural horror flick "Ruby" airing on TV and it scared the crap out of me. Since I always enjoy re-watching the movies that terrified me as a child and seeing how well they hold up today, I decided to check it out. While the movie does not hold up as well as I would have hoped, it does pack some effective scares and a pretty decent performance by Piper Laurie who plays the title role of Ruby Claire. Set in 1951, Ruby, former gangster moll, is now the owner of a drive-in movie theater as well as a caretaker to her 16 year old daughter who is deaf and mute. 16 years prior, Ruby's gangster boyfriend was murdered and is now returning from beyond the grave to exact revenge on those who were responsible for his death. The movie tried to pack multiple genres into the film, mixing slasher elements with the supernatural. And if that's not enough, they throw in some demonic possession too. Just for good measure.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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