Retro Poster: Firestarter

Being woken up by the fire department telling me my neighbor's house is on fire is always a great way to start a morning. As my neighbors and I stood in the rain, watching some very sexy fire men run.... oops, sorry - different story. But as we stood around speculating what could have started the fire, I couldn't help but think of this movie.

If you're unfamiliar with Firestarter, it's based on the book by Stephen King of the same name, and tells the story of Charlie McGee, a girl who can set objects on fire with just a glance. While the poster isn't menacing, or even scary, I think it captures her perfectly - she's not evil. She's 'cursed' with a power she doesn't want, and doesn't understand why everyone is after her. And while I think the book is much better, it's still a fairly decent adaptation with Drew still in her cute, not creepy phase.

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