Poster: Uwe Boll's 'Zombie Massacre" - There is no Hope

A few days ago, Eric showed you the new trailer for Uwe Boll's latest supposed masterpiece,"Zombie Massacre", and I wouldn't be much of a Connoisseur of Crap if I didn't at least add to that. Besides, you're probably thinking what I am: "Oh joy. Another Zombie movie". We hate it when our objects of fear & horror become mainstream, but it makes sense Uwe Boll would do a zombie movie - Zombies are a hot item lately, with The Walking Dead bringing in some of the biggest audiences ever seen on a cable network, Zombie collectibles & video games becoming a part of pop culture, & even tongue-in-cheek advice on what to do during a zombie outbreak was published by the CDC. Zombies are obviously a money train to cash cow - so of COURSE Boll would jump on that band wagon.

If you didn't know Uwe Boll was involved, the synopsis seems standard, if not a bit over-used.

A bacteriological weapon developed by the US Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe. All citizens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is to bring an atomic bomb into the city's nuclear plant to pretend a terrible accident occurred. No one has to know the truth. A team of mercenaries is hired to complete the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against the team. WHO WILL SURVIVE?

Didn't I see that in "Return of the Living Dead"? Anyways, while there's been speculation on this being a real project in production, or if Mr. Boll is trying to generate hype to hook a buyer, most agree he seems to be taking this movie seriously. Almost as if trying to prove that point, the Official Poster for 'Zombie Massacre' has been released and can be seen above. That's a pretty creepy looking zombie - that skin condition must be a result of that biological boo-boo. I almost want to believe in Mr. Boll's ability to make a good movie for once. After all, is there really ever a BAD zombie movie? Or is there just 'No Hope' that Uwe Boll can make a good one?

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