Bloody Good Horror Podcast

Covering the best and worst of the horror genre since 2007, the Bloody Good Horror crew reviews the newest horror movie releases as well as cult classics each week. Bringing a diverse set of opinions and a healthy dose of insanity, Bloody Good Horror is for all types of horror fans -- hardcore, softcore, normie, juggalo, furry, etc. Welcome to the conversation.

It's like an artsy black comedy with some murder.  Plus John Malkovich. 

The director of "Piercing" and "Eyes of My Mother" sits down to talk about his influences

Haunted Houses and deadly dodgeball

Do you like exposition? 

Wherein the BGH crew counts down the many screenwriting sins of "Escape Room".

The 90's, in movie form. 

Sandy Bullock, America's blindfolded sweetheart.

Joe's drunk, CC's ready to fight and Schnaars has spreadsheets for days. It's the Bloody Good Horror Year Ender!

Have you guys heard of this Final Girl thing??