Not Your Mother's "Sherlock Holmes" (Trailer)

Not being of the literary sort, my response to anything involving "Sherlock Holmes" usually begins with a yawn and ends with a nap. For that reason, I was totally disinterested in the upcoming film adaptation of the popular series. That is, of course, until I found out that it starred the man-crush power couple of Robert Downey Jr. (Holmes) and Jude Law (Watson). After that, I caught up on an apparently old story about Robert Maillet accidentally punching RDJ in the face during a fight scene. Maillet is most known as the monster guy from 300, but to me, he has a much fonder spot in my heart for his work as Kurgan from the late 90's WWF. This thing has to be a snorefest though, I mean, it's still "Sherlock Holmes", right? I'll let you be the judge:

Old fashioned pugilism? Check. References to the occult? Double Check. Giant fucking hammer? Check mate. I have no idea what any of this nonsense has to do with the "Sherlock Holmes" story, but I'll be damned if this doesn't look like a fun way to spend an hour or two. I did catch a pentagram in the trailer too, so I'd say that gives me full reign to stay on top of this film from now on.


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