Neil Krueger Gets No Respect

For over 25 years now all the world has loved Freddy Krueger. Sure he’s a severely burned murderer who kills you in your dreams, but those one liners really make him a lovable character. With the new “Nightmare On Elm Street” remake coming to theaters early next year there is no doubt that a whole new crop of fans will be popping up.

But where does that leave Freddy’s brother Neil? Left out in the cold again, having to play second fiddle to the same guy who use to take the last of the Apple Jacks at the breakfast table. Sure Neil’s acne scars aren’t nearly as intimidating as being burned alive by an angry mob, and he doesn‘t seem to be able to play off your darkest fears, but he still has feelings.

The New York City based comedy troupe The Upright Citizens Brigade are finally giving Neil his due. In the three and a half minute clip below you can get an idea of what Neil goes through on a nightly basis and just how hard it can be having to compete with a brother who has his own action figure.


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