NARR8 - Bringing horror fiction to your smart device "soon"

NAAR8 describes itself as a "free, interactive series" that is "coming soon" to the App store. It's going to be a combination of interactive stories, articles and motion comics. It's hard to tell if it's going to be something worth checking out, but if it's truly free, and the trailer below is at all indicative of quality, it's at least worth a look. Also, holy cow that's a cool website (load it and scroll down). Stop judging me, I like shiny things...

Mental diseases stem from nightmare monsters that jail the human soul. However, there are those that believe these monsters can be slain by penetrating a patient's subconscious. These people, known as Fear Hunters, are a part of Doctor Powell's crew of elite psychiatrists. Ready to take on this dangerous paranormal battle, they aim to eradicate these creatures of madness.

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