Listen to The BGH Halloween Spooky Time Party Mix

Halloween season is in full swing kids and to get you in the spirit we’ve put together a new Spotify playlist with some of our favorite spooky time tunes. Whether you’re planning a big time Halloween party or sitting in your parents basement sucking chocolate off of your disgusting fingers trying to figure out where life went wrong, this list is for you. There's a little bit of punk, a little bit of comedy and even some kids songs for those of you who plan on letting your 8 year old see mom dressed up like a hooker toaster oven during the annual Halloween block party out in the burbs. It’s a real treat.

Put this sucker on shuffle, whip up some homemade Ecto Cooler and pray to god people still find your Austin Powers costume funny. It’s the one time of year you get to be a complete idiot and no one can judge you for it. Well, no one can judge you out loud at least. Have fun!


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