"Jonah Hex" Poster Revealed

Warner Brothers revealed the poster to their upcoming comic book adaptation "Jonah Hex" at Comic-Con. Click on the image at left to see it bigger!

This MTV articlehref> goes into how Brolin ended up involved after having issues with the script early on, but also makes him sound like the film's dictator.

I've loved the weird west genre since seeing "Westworld" as a kid, so I am by turns hopeful and fearful for this one. Let's hope animator and "Horton Hears A Who" director Jimmy Hayward can pull off directing real people.

I kinda feel bad for genre fan Thomas Jane, who had himself made up like Hexhref> to try and get this part - but you can't deny that Brolin is a natural for westerns.

...Oh, right, did I mention Megan Fox in a corset and like, 1/3 of a dress?href> The price of admission suddenly sounds very reasonable, even if this thing is a disaster.



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