Jason Vorhees Makes his Mortal Kombat Debut Today (For Some)

As a lifelong horror fan and Mortal Kombat devotee, I was thrilled when Jason was confirmed to be a downloadable character in Mortal Komat X. Horror tie-ins aren't new to the franchise, as Freddy Krueger was a (somewhat disappointing) DLC character in MK9, but now that I'm seeing Jason in action in MKX, it seems that he should have been there all along. Look no further than the fact that homeboy comes to the fight having already killed someone, dragging them across the ground impaled in the skull with his trademark machete. Fatality?

If you're an MK "Season Pass" holder (for the low low price of $29.99), you can start hacking and slashing with Mrs Vorhees' baby boy today, otherwise you have to wait in line with the rest of us plebes until May 12th.


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