Introducing SophistiCult Cinema: Episode 1, "Drive"

After nearly four years of podcasting, we at Bloody Good Horror have decided to introduce our first ever spinoff show -- "SophistiCult Cinema."

Coming at you from where the grindhouse meets the art house, "SophistiCult Cinema" features BloodyGoodHorror's fanciest writer/podcasters -- John Shelton and Jon Schnaars -- discussing new and classic films that fall just outside the purview of the Bloody Good Horror podcast you've come to know and love. The goal is to find and introduce some of the finest genre films from independent distributors, foreign directors or that were just too damned fancy for the gang to cover.

In our first episode, we take on Nicolas Winding Refn's car-porntastic ""Drive", a mafia/car/romance film with more style than mere mortals can handle. The discussion touches on some previous Refn joints, including previous BGH podcast topic "Valhalla Rising."

New episodes of "The SophistiCult Cinema" will show up as part of the BloodyGoodHorror feed, which can be found by an iTunes search, or by listening directly at the podcast link in the menu above... so keep your eyes peeled. Coming up next, a discussion of Jae-woon Kim's "I Saw the Devil".

Jon Schnaars

Writer/Podcast Co-Host/Business Guy

If you have questions about doing business with BGH, this is the man to speak with. Jon also enjoys the fancier things, like monocles and silent-era horror films.

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